As an animation producer, Robert has been involved in creative media for over 30 years. As a creator, producer and writer he has been recognized internationally for his work and received multiple awards. It has only been recently that, yearning for another means of creativity, he started creating works of art. His first endeavor was collage.

“I was on a flight back from Europe and due to bad weather, we had been directed to another state. While we waited on the tarmac with little to do, I started leafing through a magazine and the thought came to me, What would art look like if I ripped little pieces of this magazine and used them as paints on a canvas?

The idea didn’t go away and it wasn’t until much later that he came across other artists who had had the same thought. A few weeks later, he took the plunge and began with an image of a Japanese Geisha. The simplicity of the make-up in contrast with the intricate hair decorations drew him, and soon the ripped pieces of magazine began to shape his first collage portrait.

His next piece of work was Marylin Monroe and he wondered if he would be able to create a good likeness. As friends and colleagues got a glimpse of his art, Robert continued to create other pieces, getting more creative as he went along. 

“It’s been a juggle since my full-time work as a creative and animation producer keeps me very busy, but the more I have gotten into art for enjoyment, the more my desire to create has grown.” 

Soon Robert was creating larger and more intricate pieces and eventually also turned to painting. It is his hope that by using his talents in this way, he can bring a brief glimpse of creative beauty into the chaotic environment that we often frequent. If intricate images can emerge from tossed out magazines, perhaps it may serve as an inspiration of how beauty can emerge from difficulties we often experience in life. 

“Art and beauty can be a powerful means of conveying peace and order in this chaotic world and can be a reflection of the greater Creator whose masterpiece universe is endless in its splendor.”